Any business requires meaningful financial information in order to succeed

We Can:

  • Provide you with Financial analysis of your business performance 
  • Explain the financial implications of decisions you make in running your business
  • Prepare business forecasts and plans to help you achieve your goals

Management accounts are used to help management record, plan and control the activities of a business and to assist in the decision-making process. 

  • They can be prepared for any period
  • There is no legal requirement to prepare management accounts, although few (if any) well-run businesses can survive without them
  • There is no pre-determined format for management accounts - they can be as detailed or brief as you wish
  • Management accounts can focus on specific areas of a business' activities, e.g. sales, costs, product ranges, etc
  • Management accounts focus on analysing historical performance and include some forward-looking elements - e.g. budget, cash-flow forecast


We can produce management accounts DESIGNED FOR YOUR BUSINESS.  Alternatively we can set up procedures and provide training to enable your staff to carry out this work.